Friday, January 19, 2007

Back Up and Running and with Good News

Well well well....

Here we find ourselves in the end of our senior year of high school and looking back on memories we had over the past few years. So what tops our list at the end of ninth grade and start of tenth? Well for those of you who know a eighteen year old by the name of David "Drob" Robinson, can remember the infamous Dee Factor. As Mr. Davis Collins and myself were discussing this morning in Euro, we believe that the Dee Factor should be put back online and have the dust shaken out. Word soon spread to other daily visitors to the old blog, Andy Mcgough and Steve Albright and discussion with Mr. Robinson himself let him know we were interested. So without further adoo:

Redrom1188 (6:03:06 PM): and are we going to see the return of the d factor?
DRob8836 (6:03:19 PM): i dunno
Redrom1188 (6:10:07 PM): well i'd like to throw to u the views of others right now and say as a group we all wish for you, david robinson, to bring back the dee factor for old times sake, we miss the fun times
DRob8836 (6:10:16 PM): i know
DRob8836 (6:10:21 PM): i was told that by 2 other ppl today
Redrom1188 (6:10:24 PM): yea
Redrom1188 (6:10:31 PM): we discussed it first and second
DRob8836 (6:10:40 PM): wut am i supposed to talk about?
DRob8836 (6:10:42 PM): my gf?
DRob8836 (6:10:48 PM): you guys dont care about her
Redrom1188 (6:10:56 PM): political issues
DRob8836 (6:10:59 PM): hah
Redrom1188 (6:11:00 PM): ur life
Redrom1188 (6:11:02 PM): whatever
Redrom1188 (6:11:09 PM): bring back the old controversial stuff
DRob8836 (6:11:25 PM): i dont really care i think politics and all that stuff is hilarious cuz our country is so screwed up, no wait, the world is screwed up
Redrom1188 (6:11:50 PM): so talk about that
DRob8836 (6:12:04 PM): deefactor is gone yo

And at this point you may think all hopes of the Dee Factor returning was lost, but being the person I am I kept the talk of bringing it back going...

DRob8836 (6:12:54 PM): how about
DRob8836 (6:13:09 PM): u can be a member of the deefactor
Redrom1188 (6:13:19 PM): IF and only IF
Redrom1188 (6:13:25 PM): you bring back the good ole days
DRob8836 (6:13:30 PM): okok
DRob8836 (6:13:31 PM): i will
Redrom1188 (6:13:47 PM): is that a statement that you are officially bringing back dee factor?
DRob8836 (6:15:32 PM): yeah

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! The Dee Factor is back and will soon begin posting topics of the past, politics and controversial issues and such.

Click here for Dee Factor 2007

So please please my fellow Dee Factor fans, support this move and soon we will have our enjoyable blog back for the last few month of our senior year

Enjoy and your welcome.


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